June 2008

Awesome Medieval Sword pictures

by admin on June 26, 2008

Verify out these medieval sword photographs:

not so medieval swords
medieval sword

Image by ubershibs

medieval sword

Picture by MuseumWales
Medieval sword from the Knights of St John
From: National Museum Cardiff

In accordance to custom, this significant two-handed 15th century sword, which is 196cm prolonged, was found in a mound close to the Commandery at the Knights of St John at Slebech, Pembrokeshire.

This image kinds component of the monthly ‘Curators Choice’ sequence from Rhagor, the collections primarily based internet site from Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales.

What will your favorite item be?

Medieval Sword Fight
medieval sword

Picture by P D
Medieval Siege Society Display – Sealed Knot Battle at Loseley Park


viking sword
by SeRg1o

Query by ginga: a vikin armed with a viking sword vs a samurai armed with a no dachi?
who wins

Very best reply:

Answer by Honza_Urban
the one who is greater swordsman.

Know greater? Depart your own reply in the comments!

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Spearing motion

by admin on June 22, 2008

A few nice medieval spear images I found:

Spearing action
medieval spear

Image by felinebird
Kodak CX7330, Loseley Medieval Festival

medieval spear

Image by eindro
Medieval spears

Spearing of plastic pigs
medieval spear

Image by felinebird
Kodak CX7330, Loseley Medieval Festival


Trademark Genuine Medieval Axe with Studded Wood Handle

  • 31.five inches prolonged
  • Sound wood take care of
  • Major duty metal blade and spike
  • Studded take care of for each fingers adds exceptional grip
  • 7 inch tall blade

This authentic medieval axe is created for battle with a solid wood studded take care of, blade is a 7 inch tall fifty percent moon with a 4 inch spike on the other facet and a razor sharp stage at the head. You can’t beat value of this higher quality axe for the price.

Checklist Price tag: $ 44.99

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Japanese Sword

by admin on June 18, 2008

Check out these japanese sword images:

Japanese Sword
japanese sword

Image by jaydavisconsulting
This is a sword my father brought back from Japan soon after WWII. I will not feel it’s an real Samurai sword, I believe it’s a troopers sword. If anybody can fill in some particulars on this particular sword, it would be appreciated.

japanese sword

Image by sigmama
its my grandmother’s treasure!
Given that historic time in Japan, it is considered that a demon detests shine object. Japanese sword was getting enshrined on a household Shinto altar wishing rise of loved ones fortunes due to the fact folks believed that Japanese sword has a strength to eject evil indicator. Also, it was succeeded from father or mother to child, and also from generation to generation, wishing safe and sound growth of little one, and safety from misfortune, and also daughter in family took it as marriage trousseau. Nowaday, people acquire it as a talisman treasure sword or use it as a present to defend family security and for lengthy existence well being.