July 2008

Medieval axe

by admin on July 30, 2008

A handful of wonderful medieval axe photos I discovered: Medieval axe Picture by galad.nikov Weilburg Medieval Industry Picture by autumnal fires Decapitation…


Medieval Spiked Flails

by admin on July 23, 2008

Medieval Spiked Flails This ancient weapon was the moment employed by foot soldiers as a deadly weapon. Right after the sixteenth Century, flails had been utilized only as historical decoration. Each and every fine replica is hand created from top high quality supplies. The 1 lb spiked steel ball is supported by a studded chain […]


The Saint Maurice of Turin

by admin on July 21, 2008

A number of nice medieval sword photographs I located: The Saint Maurice of Turin Image by Albion Europe ApS Saint Maurice of Turin The Sword of Saint Maurice (Turin) is 1 of the best preserved 13th century swords. It is a huge sword, definitely supposed for use from horseback. From our very own knowledge with […]



by admin on July 20, 2008

Check out these medieval hammer images: Hammering Image by dockdrumming Used at Medieval Festival in Fort Tryon Park, around the cloisters museum, in September 2007 medieval blacksmith Picture by hans s making a new hammer Hammer Image by Rhubarble Decoration on the hammer in the mint


Sword Wall Mount Display, Black w/Oriental Graphics Quite uncommon strong wood screen plaque. Wall-mounted with elaborate and thorough style. Ideal for mounting a samurai katana. Made by United Cutlery. Sword wall exhibit. Retains one particular sword. Characteristics an oriental graphic. Dimensions are 15.25 in. by 11 in. by three.twenty five in. List Cost: $ 29.fifty […]