August 2008

Good Medieval Spear photographs

by admin on August 9, 2008

Some awesome medieval spear images:

Hereldic Shield and Spears
medieval spear

Picture by MJ Photoblography
I decided to head out on the bicycle for an afternoon jaunt all around the picturesque Colne Valley in North Essex, determining en-route to visit Hedingham Castle… somewhere I have never ever been ahead of. Hedingham Castle is positioned in the village of Castle Hedingham on the North Essex/ Suffolk border and was developed circa 1140 by Aubrey De Vere. It really is 110 foot high Preserve is acknowledged as a single of the greatest examples of a Norman medieval Castle in Britain. The Maintain is distribute about 4 floors accessed by stone spiral staircases with a big Banqueting Hall on the initial floor spanned by a 28 foot arch, one particular of largest Norman arches in England. The day of my go to Hedingham Castle was holding an “Italian Super Cars” occasion, with an array of high octane super autos (really worth a number of thousands and thousands I’d picture) on show all close to the grounds of The Maintain. I have to confess, as a lot more of a two wheeled petrol head, I was a lot more interested in attempting to get a number of shots of the Preserve than photographing the autos! Information right here on Hedingham Castle ( kingdom/ )

A lot more Medieval Weapons:)
medieval spear

Image by [-ROCK01-]
From Left to correct: Lochaber Axe,Spanish Spear,General’s Spontoon


Trademark Executioner Medieval Axe, 32-Inches Prolonged

  • 32 inches in duration
  • Stainless metal blades
  • Leather warped wood manage
  • Two 50 percent-moon blades totaling ten.five x nine.75 inches

This 32 inch extended Double 50 % Moon Executioner’s Axe was the terror of the chopping block in Medieval Europe. Responsible for disposing of everything from witches to heretics to the aloof aristocracy it genuinely is a stainless metal weapon of punishment.

List Cost: $ 49.99

Price tag:


Authentic Medieval Flail…33 inches

by admin on August 5, 2008

Genuine Medieval Flail…33 inches

  • boxing-and-martial-arts-protective-gear

Individual a correct museum top quality flail with styling based mostly on the real things located in “digs” underneath and all around the castles of Europe. This hand-created masterpiece has an general extended duration of around 33 inches!The diameter of the spiked metal cast balls is two one/two inches. The manage is wood with black cord wrappings for grip.This style weapon was commonly employed during the ages and replicates the fashion and construction of these early flail weapons. This belongs in each and every selection!

Checklist Value: $ 54.99

Cost: $ 30.91


Japanese Sword?

by admin on August 5, 2008

Question by L.: Japanese Sword?
Does any individual know why there some Japanese swords have a string hooked up at the conclude of the deal with and some don’t ?
What is the purpose of attaching the string?

Greatest solution:

Reply by djkolbe
The string is there so that you can tie your cell telephone to it for simple access for the duration of a fight.

What do you feel? Solution under!


31″ Gladius Roman Sword Gladiator Julius Caesar w/ Std

  • Overall Length: 31 “
  • Blade Duration: 21.five”
  • Blade Steel: 440 Stainless Metal
  • Blade: Bogus Edge

This sword is a gorgeous reproduction of the unique Gladius. Great attention was paid to the detail of the scabbard and handle. The blade is mirror completed and functions a line pattern imprinted into the metal of blade. This sword is excellent for collectors, theaters, and fanatics.

Listing Cost: $ .00

Price tag: $ 37.95