December 2008

Medieval Mace Toy Weapon

by admin on December 31, 2008

Medieval Mace Toy Weapon Now your Medieval Costume can be total with this toy weapon so when you are engaged in hand-to-hand overcome you will be guarded from the enemy. This Medieval Mace Toy Weapon features a gentle satin ball hooked up to a plastic stick and chain. You are positive to deliver your enemies […]


Leadership in Medieval English Nunneries (Reports in the Heritage of Medieval Religion) This book is an examination of the late medieval English nunnery superior as a strength broker. Based primarily upon historical documents of sixteen female homes in the interval from 1280 to 1540, it addresses leadership designs, queries of social identity and varying perceptions […]


Cool Medieval Sword images

by admin on December 30, 2008

A number of great medieval sword photographs I located: The Svante Nilsson Sture Sword Image by Albion Europe ApS The Svante Nilsson Sture Sword Albion is proud to lastly be ready to supply a trustworthy recreation of an historical sword named right after its proprietor, Swedish Viceroy and knight, Svante Nilsson Sture. The sword built […]


Question by kade m: What types of japanese sword fighting instruct you about katanas? What types of japanese sword fighting train you how to use katanas? Best solution: Reply by boworlBudo Give your reply to this question down below!


by AEJHarrison Question by Andone: Any medieval time sport equivalent to battlefield or counter strike? I really adore game titles wich u can play on-line , like Counter Strike or Battlefield…but i want to know if there is these kinds of a video game exactly where the policies are the same ( two teams demise […]