January 2009

Question by Cameron Bob: What sort of medieval sword really should I get? I’m looking for a real medieval sword to buy off the web. Ideally hand made and quite good hunting. This would be my initial sword also. Ps do you want a licence to have a sword in Canada? Greatest answer: Solution by […]


German Knights Halberd

by admin on January 17, 2009

German Knights Halberd Authentic Hunting Rittersteel Authentics Halberds are Brilliant! Hand-designed with blackened heads. Each and every head is secured with hand pounded rivets on a rectangular shaved blackened and seared wood deal with. These halberds have rectangular poles for authenticity. (Rectangular handles afforded a much better directional grip than spherical poles). This type has […]


Nice Viking Sword photographs

by admin on January 14, 2009

Check out these viking sword photos: Swords at Hafrsfjord Picture by Helge Carlsen


by Photo Plod Question by La Ultima Mandala Mata: Is it true that Eskrima/Kali is superior to European and Japanese sword arts? I heard it was produced to counter European Fencing and Japanese Kenjutsu because of to the historical origins of the sword artwork. (Employed to repulse Spanish and Japanese invaders) I would like to […]

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by SeRg1o Question by Joseph E: What is the variation in design of Viking swords in contrast the Celtic swords? Finest answer: Response by Naz FViking swords in fact progressed from Celtic swords, but had wider blades, and greater-developed hilts. http://www.myarmoury.com/evaluation_cerv_vik.html Add your personal reply in the feedback!

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