February 2009

Hanwei Practical As well as Elite Katana Sword

by admin on February 18, 2009

Hanwei Useful As well as Elite Katana Sword Blade Length – 28 one/2in. Take care of Duration – eleven one/2in. Overall Duration – 40 one/2in. Fat – 2lb 7oz. Level of Stability – five 1/2in. Width at Guard – 1.39in. Width at Suggestion – 1.03in. Thickness at Guard – .26in. Thickness at Suggestion – .16in. […]


Japanese Samurai Katana Sword Maintenance Cleaning Kit wooden box oil bottle powder ball & hammer cleansing paper/cloth 2 pegs The total sword Cleaning Kit. Contains Mini Hammer, Sword Oil, Uchiko, and Cotton Cloth. This kit is A Need to Have for all critical sword collectors. Includes instructions for sword. Listing Value: $ .00 Cost:


by ladybugbkt Query by Elizabeth Cresswell: Where can I acquire a Extremely excellent quality Medieval sword? My eighteen-yr-old is taking sword fighting lessons. For Christmas I would like to give her a medieval-type sword that is excellent for overcome. I never want a thing that is also high-priced I’d recognize anything $ a hundred or […]


Nice Medieval Hammer photographs

by admin on February 10, 2009

Examine out these medieval hammer photos: The blacksmith / El herrero Image by . SantiMB . Plaça del Milcentenari – Manresa, Barcelona (Spain). Watch Significant On White ENGLISH A blacksmith is a individual who generates objects from iron or metal by &quotforging&quot the metal i.e., by utilizing instruments to hammer, bend, minimize, and in any […]


Query by this is madness!!!: What techniques the armies utilized throughout publish-medieval instances? afaik they utilizes pikes and which is all I know, did they alter methods when the inaccurate guns arrived (e.g. arquibuswhatever)? I have observed drawings about the English civil war and they uses pikes ala Greek phalanx. When the guns arrived, did […]