March 2009

Question by Large Kuntry: Exactly where to Acquire a Lumberjack Hat and Fake Felling Axe?
Alright, so im dressing up as Paul Bunyan for Halloween and I have no clue wherever to locate a legit hunting lumberjack hat and fake axe. i attempted hunting for the axe at Social gathering Metropolis but they only have the medieval hunting metal axes. i would like it if they had been on the inexpensive side but if i cant get them low cost i guess its really worth it haha. Thanks in advance for the assist!

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Response by TakaSmile
you will like this )

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Query by chillinginchicago: Is a Suzuki Katana regarded as a sport bike or is it a lot more of a cruiser?
Is the Suzuki Katana regarded as a sport bike or a crotch rocket or is it regarded as to be far more of a cruiser bicycle? Also, what is the difference between a Suzuki Katana and a GSX are they the very same thing? How does a GSXR vary?

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Response by Busa rider
i think its thought to be a activity tourer

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Cool Medieval Axe images

by admin on March 25, 2009

A few wonderful medieval axe pictures I discovered:

Ax Fighting IV
medieval axe

Image by dockdrumming
Used at Medieval Festival in Fort Tryon Park, close to the cloisters museum, in September 2007

Ax Fighting VI
medieval axe

Image by dockdrumming
Used at Medieval Festival in Fort Tryon Park, near the cloisters museum, in September 2007


medieval instances sports activities?

by admin on March 21, 2009

medieval hammer
by wallyg

Query by E: medieval periods sports?
what are some similarities among sports activities from medieval occasions and right now?
some sports activities from medieval times are-
hammer throwing

and thats mainly it.
does any individual know any of these sports activities are equivalent to today’s sports?
skittles, i dont genuinely know haha.

Best solution:

Reply by embeddeddog
skittles? What the heck is that?

Archery, bowling, hammer throwing, horseshoes and wresting have not transformed much. The relaxation are both much a lot more modern – or they have been replaced with more common sports like soccer or working. You know those failed to exist before Television.

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Query by daywalkr: I am seeking for the identify of a really lengthy oriental sword, somthing like Do-? assist x-mas gift?

Best answer:

Reply by sishakara
there is a pole-arm called a kwan-do. seems to be like a massive blade mounted on a five-foot long pole.

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