March 2009

Japanese Swords – Oriental Way of life Chart 11A

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Question by coolsambushido: Where can I find handforged colorful Samurai katana swords at cost-effective price?
I am hunting for true handforged Samurai fashion katana swords, and was instructed that Paulchen and Hanwei are the best, but they are actually high-priced. So I am contemplating if some real handmade excellent katana swords as Paulchen,Hanwei, but at inexpensive cost. Any details,thank you!

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Reply by hesamurai
I see, then probably the greatest choice for you.
Most of their katana swords are handmade, useful for cutting apply and teaching. But the best is that their value is quite affordable, most assortment from $ 99.99-$ 199.99, and the more you acquire the more you preserve. A dependable good seller.

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Gothic Flail – One Dimension

by admin on March 15, 2009

Gothic Flail – 1 Dimensions

  • Product incorporates a single toy weapon.

Product or service incorporates a single toy weapon.

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Foot-soldier with Flail

by admin on March 10, 2009

Foot-soldier with Flail

  • Schleich Knights
  • Fleur-De-Lis Coat Of Arms
  • Foot Soldier With Flail
  • Model Size: three.five” Higher
  • Ages four+

These extremely in depth figurines and accessories are hand painted and historically exact.? We carry a extensive variety for several hours of play. – Scale 1:twenty – True to living modeling – Meticulously hand painted – Dimension: Approx.”H figurines

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Question by rap1zip1: Why failed to medieval infantry strike cavalry with lengthy pike? Why was cavalry so strong?
Given that the Charles Martel’s Battle of Tours (7th Century) to 15th Century, the strongest medieval military power was cavalry. But I do not realize this. As depicted in the Braveheart movie (I know it’s above-simplified, but the position is there), infantry (foot troopers) can strike horse with extremely long pikes simply (considerably lengthier than knight’s pike). This is not a rocket science. Then, why wasn’t every infantry attempt the very same??
======( Pike Square tactics was not invented right up until the Battle of Nancy in opposition to Charles the Daring of Burgundy in 1477, when the Swiss infantry defeated the cavalry power.)

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Answer by jefferson
I know it sounds simple, I always thought the same issue. I usually imagined “why dont they just shoot the troopers or horses with arrows when they come close.”

As it turns out possessing several hundred horses thundering down on you truly alterations your head. As it turns out the cavalry was like the tanks of right now, extremely hard to stand up to.

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