April 2009

Swords And Sword Makers Of England And Scotland

Here is the most significant guide ever before published on English and Scottish swords and sword makers from the 14th century to the existing. Contains much by no means-just before-published details on the swords and the men who built, adorned and marketed them, plus a lot more than 450 stunning pictures of English and Scottish swords of every type and era.

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Reverse Blade Katana Black with Stand

by admin on April 26, 2009

Reverse Blade Katana Black with Stand

  • 27 Inch Stainless Steel Reverse Sharpened Blade
  • eleven one/two Inch Black Nylon Cord Wrapped Deal with
  • Cast Metal Guard and Pommel
  • Deep Black Lacquered Wood Scabbard
  • 44 Inch All round length

This sword actions 41 inches in overall length, with a 27 inch blade created of 440 Stainless Metal, and an 11 1/2 inch black nylon cord wrapped take care of. Incorporates no cost screen stand! The tsuba (guard) is a straightforward black forged metal ring style. The saya (scabbard) is finished with a deep black lacquer and produced of wood. The sageo (wrap around scabbard) is a sound black nylon cord. This is a reverse blade sword, meaning the edge of the blade is along what is usually the back again facet of the blade. Th

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Query by durindithon: what are the best web sites for Great, sturdy, and low cost reenactment weapons?
a group of buddies and I are creating a medieval/renaissance Scottish regiment reenactment group and we need to uncover some great websites for low cost and sturdy weapons, just swords will do but we would like to locate pikes and this sort of as nicely.

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Reply by hesamurai
try at http://www.handmadesword.com

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Question by Courtney Waters: What is a medieval mace? is it some type of weapon? Description please!?

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It is a sort of club. A striking head affixed to a wooden or metal deal with. It can be purely spherical, spiked, or flanged. It is separated from a hammer by an omnidirectional striking surface area.

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ROMAN SWORD Assessments

by admin on April 19, 2009


Play safe.

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