April 2009

by Crafitti Question by Riklionheart: what is thew finest fashion of sword play oriental or western? (samurai vs. knight)? with out armor Greatest answer: Answer by papecheA knight fighting in hefty armor, with a major sword, in opposition to one more male in the identical would seem to be sluggish motion and awkward as opposed […]

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An Afternoon at the Satisfied

by admin on April 14, 2009

Check out these medieval mace pictures: An Afternoon at the Met Picture by Ennuipoet I put in a couple of several hours at the Met these days (Metropolitan Museum of Art for people not acquainted). Getting who I am, I beelined for the Arms and Armor and Egyptian Artwork. 19 – Heralds With Halos Image […]



by admin on April 10, 2009

Some cool viking sword photographs: two Image by SeRg1o P1010771 Image by SeRg1o P1010718 Image by SeRg1o


Roman Garb

by admin on April 9, 2009

Some cool roman sword images: Roman Garb Picture by Usually Curious Canon 10D, EF 28-135mm IS Roman Soldier Picture by MikeOliveri The Midget as a Roman soldier in the play place on St Joseph’s CCD class. Sword And Cross Slab Picture by TyB Sword and cross slab (Nether Denton, Cumbria, England).



by admin on April 6, 2009

Verify out these viking sword images: P1010766 Picture by SeRg1o P1010764 Picture by SeRg1o P1010729 Image by SeRg1o