November 2009

Query by Edward: is medieval armour truly as ineffective as proven in films?
its just that these generally US films present battle armour (chain mail or plate) as genuinely ineffective to the stage its like why wear it only gonna weigh u down :(

Best response:

Solution by Ryan
Why do you believe we dont use it now? I imply, when you drop down, without having assist, its litterally not possible to get up. not to mention if you fall in h2o, your screwed

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Match of Armor

by admin on November 27, 2009

Some cool match of armour images:

Suit of Armor
suit of armour

Picture by mecruns24
Suit of Armor at the Fairmont Banff in Mt. Stephens Hall

Match of armor
suit of armour

Picture by Pahz

match of armor in the street
suit of armour

Image by Ben Brown


Suit of armour

by admin on November 25, 2009

Some cool suit of armor photos:

Match of armour
suit of armor

Picture by Glamhag
I doan require no steenking armour!

I gots me this exoskelington…

Paignton Zoo

Match of Armor
suit of armor

Picture by altopower
Every single residence wants a match of armor in the front hall. Graylyn has this one.

Suit Fitting, check out #two
suit of armor

Image by vrogy
Ah, there we go. In the proper placement, it appears to fit very good.. and I wager it feels like slinging your arms above a fence.

Okay, the process here was:
-get photograph of self in a weird stance(self-timer, tripod)
-import to photoshop, trace silhouette
-move silhouette about armor, scale to in shape.
-adjust transparencies to show every thing

*Oh, and interestingly plenty of, my hand goes appropriate to in which Tychus’ are in the cinematic – halfway down the forearm into the hand controls.


Medieval Helmets

by admin on November 21, 2009

Some awesome medieval helmet photographs:

Medieval Helmets
medieval helmet

Image by NoPro2009
Abbey Medieval 2010

– Remarks are appreciated

Maximilian Helmet
medieval helmet

Image by Fernando Rossi
Maximilian was a genuine Renaissance male. He was a author and a excellent patron of scholars and renowned artists this sort of as Albrecht Dürer and Hans Burgkmair. In addition, he firmly supported the armorer’s craft, particularly in the imperial metropolis of Innsbruck….

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Query by Ryan: Would wearing a fit of armor make you more suceptable to electric power?
I have asked a related query before, but I said “lightning” which looks to have been a blunder. Lets say you touch a fairly gentle electric latest while sporting a suit of armor. Would the metal armor cause the electrical power to hurt you much more or would it carry out some of the electrical power away from you? Basically I’m composing a guide and I’m wondering if some magic electricity would be more or less effective versus a heavily armored opponent.

Best response:

Response by Dean L
It is dependent, electricity likes to discover the most efficient way to the floor.

If the armor touched the floor, and your skin by some means was not touching the armor, the electricity would avoid you completely.
Nonetheless, if the armor was not touching the floor, your body under its lowest point would bear the total pressure of the shock.
If the armor went all the way to the ground but was touching your skin, it would most probably get the brunt of the shock, but you would still come to feel it.
What ever the case, it will not likely intensify the electrical shock. Wish that aids.

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