January 2010

Cool Medieval Shield photographs

by admin on January 24, 2010

Check out out these medieval shield photos: Shields and helms / Щитове и шлемове Picture by mitko_denev pigshields Image by xupower Forged Pig Shield +40!


Medieval Times

by admin on January 23, 2010

Some awesome medieval helmet pictures: Medieval Periods Picture by ladybugbkt Dallas, Texas January six, 2008 I believe the modified motorbike helmets are really medieval. Helmet and gauntlets 102 Image by tomylees Displays and demonstrations. The day of St George’s Joust. The Encampment. Cressing Temple, Witham Street, Cressing, Essex.


Great Medieval Shield images

by admin on January 20, 2010

A couple of nice medieval shield photos I identified: The Sword and the Rose Picture by MarcelGermain Street of the Knights, Rhodes (Greece) La puerta (PS) Picture by My Buffo Entrada a la ciudad sin nombre. Sword and Big Shield Picture by Kalinith in the armoured overcome as effectively as the Sword and shield combat […]


Medieval Knight Templar Crusader Shield Armor Red Cross Great for Wall Decoration Distinctive Color Layout Ornate Medieval Templar D?cor Exceptional to Add to Your Selection Tons of Shields and Displays Accessible This is of Richard the Lion Heart. This shield is a detailed replica of the shields employed with detail paid to the coat of […]



by admin on January 14, 2010

Some cool suit of armour images: Armour Image by Craig Loftus A suit of armour from the Selection of Arms and Armour in the Neue Burg. Mike Duncan and His Awesome iPhone That I Need to Entirely Appear Into Acquiring Image by jamesplankton Plenty of exciting things heading on here. Just out of body previously […]