March 2010

Could a medieval shield end a bullet?

by admin on March 24, 2010

Query by Zachary: Could a medieval shield end a bullet?

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Response by lxl3lindxl
Basically set No.

If axes could puncture by way of them, then there no match for a bullet from a gun of today’s requirements.

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Good Suit Of Armor photographs

by admin on March 21, 2010

A handful of good suit of armor images I located:

Μέσα και γύρω από την Κεντρική Αγορά Τροφίμων – In and around Central Meals Industry
suit of armor

Image by SpirosK
Fit of armor in unpredicted areas.

Fit of armour
suit of armor

Image by alecea
Fit of armour produced for Henry VIII

2007-11-05 Prague, Medieval Armour Store 02 Suit of Armour
suit of armor

Image by Roy Stead


Awesome Fit Of Armor images

by admin on March 18, 2010

A few wonderful suit of armor photographs I found:

suit of armor

Picture by kadesoto
A fit of armor standing guard exterior of a medieval armory.

Suit of Armour
suit of armor

Picture by Caro’s Lines
Whilst being inspired by the third day of Soul Journaling prompts I have been looking for some armour and I’ve ultimately located some that I like!

Thank you to pwbaker for girl warrior of the 15th century with a innovative commons license that allows alteration.


Awesome Fits Of Armor pictures

by admin on March 17, 2010

Examine out these suits of armor photographs:

MIA Wallpaper: Match of Armor
suits of armor

Picture by Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Fit of Armor, detail
Japan, seventeenth century
Lacquer, gilt, various components
The Ethel Morrison Van Derlip Trust Fund

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Match of Armour Pub
suits of armor

Image by PhotoCatcher



by admin on March 6, 2010


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