April 2010


by admin on April 30, 2010

Some cool fits of armor photographs:

suits of armor

Picture by juergenhoesch
Tajee and a match of Armor

Armoured foot
suits of armor

Picture by marthasadie
Taken in the weapons area of the Horniman object retailers, an armoured foot poking out from beneath a sheet caught my eye


Question by Matthew: What was the title of the movie about a male who created a suit of metal armor and a bike and robbed financial institutions?
In the film I don’t forget, the principal character built a match of armor from a scraps and a trash can, and a bike from scraps too, to rob financial institutions like a robin-hood to save the island he lived on from currently being marketed. He gets shot alot like its absolutely nothing, and everyone makes fun of him since his armor looks ridiculous.

Very best solution:

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