May 2010

Gothic Fit of Armour Exhibit

by admin on May 12, 2010

Gothic Match of Armour Exhibit Live Dimensions Created of Aluminum Produced in Italy Through the centuries, Italian armour was hugely prized for incredible detailing and superior fashion! Our exceptional reproduction of Gothic Armour is crafted in the styling tradition of individuals grasp craftsmen who designed the originals for Kings and Knights all through Europe. This […]


Codex Wallerstein: A Medieval Fighting Book from the Fifteenth Century on the Longsword, Falchion, Dagger, and Wrestling ISBN13: 9781581605853 Condition: New Notes: Brand NEW FROM PUBLISHER! a hundred% Satisfaction Guarantee. Tracking offered on most orders. Acquire with Confidence! Thousands and thousands of guides offered! The Codex Wallerstein is one particular of the best known of […]