July 2010

Wonderful Medieval Apparel photos

by admin on July 20, 2010

Some awesome medieval clothes pictures: Muiryvelle ad Image by Almost never Obscure Medieval gowns, medieval dress, medieval clothes, ~L&ampS~Medieval Gowns, HANNAH Yakan, SecondLife,


Question by Retard in a duck costume: What is the distinction among a helm and a conical helmet? I am performing a medieval magazine report for grade 9 sose and are undertaking the big difference among conical and helm hetmets. help? Very best response: Response by Curiously, purpleI was just likely to give you the […]

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Moorish Influences in the Cathedral

by admin on July 18, 2010

A number of great medieval put on photos I identified: Moorish Influences in the Cathedral Picture by chicago boulevardier Southwell Minster medieval oak doorway Picture by -) SHAGGY This is a fab doorway you can make out the shape of crude crosses on some of the nearly smooth diamonds to the left, those on the […]


by dogwatcher Question by Marie: How did medieval warriors use their hair? I’m going to a medieval fair on Saturday and I need to know how to use my hair. I am a woman but I never want to use a dress all day so I’m dressing up as a warrior. My hair is a […]


2009 Michigan Renaissance Festival

by admin on July 12, 2010

Check out out these renaissance clothing images: 2009 Michigan Renaissance Festival Picture by Wigwam Jones For 31 years, the Michigan Renaissance Festival has supplied Holly with a exclusive venue that on a regular basis attracts a lot more than 220,000 site visitors from Michigan and adjoining states. When the Festival 1st began back in 1979 […]