October 2010

Issue by Moon: Does anybody know if there is a medieval/fantasy type village in the United States to dwell at 12 months-round?
I’ve identified many spots that say they’re in advancement, but it’s been many years given that any news has come out about them. I am hoping to discover a local community that lives in a medieval/fantasy lifestyle related to a renaissance faire, but provides year round dwelling. If you have any info, it would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

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Response by Yalith
you can pay a visit to but I am not positive about Reside there.

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Query by Tommy: News about ancient or medieval moments?
I want help obtaining a information story about medieval art or times for school. I have seemed each wherever with no luck. Right here is my assignment.

you are to find a news story from the last three years relating to artwork or culture from ancient or medieval times (pre-1400 A.D.). There are new discoveries each day. An write-up on art, architecture, anthropology or archaeology may serve your objective properly.

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Solution by jman3216
Gentleman, which is old information…..Consider to use the google.

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Scarborough Renaissance Festival 2011

by admin on October 28, 2010

A number of great renaissance costume pictures I found:

Scarborough Renaissance Festival 2011
renaissance costume

Picture by Firebird Photographs
Opening day of the 2011 Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie, TX – April nine, 2011

Scarborough Renaissance Festival 2011
renaissance costume

Image by Firebird Photos
Opening day of the 2011 Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie, TX – April 9, 2011


Question by inquisitor: Jewish physiques discovered in medieval nicely in Norwich (BBC news) ………?
just how usually have the Jews been persecuted because the beginning of recorded historical past?

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Response by kathy_is_a_nurse
Justification me… But how do they know they had been Jewish bodies?

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Question by Pibb: For a renaissance fair I have to get ready foods from that time.What ought to I make?
We’re getting a huge renaissance fair at college on April twentieth and I signed up to provide foods.But I cannot genuinely discover anything at all straightforward to cook or bake.All of the recipes that I seem up incorporate strange items like pheasants or figs.

Do you know something that tastes excellent and is kinda simple to cook or bake,that’s from the renaissance era?

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Solution by TheAnonymousGit
You could make soup in a bread bowl, or large turkey legs, or sweet potato fries. Those are all items we have at the Renaissance fair I go to.

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