October 2010

Cool Renaissance Costume pictures

by admin on October 22, 2010

Examine out these renaissance costume images:

Scarborough Renaissance Festival 2011 – Residing Chess Match
renaissance costume

Image by Firebird Pictures
Opening day of the 2011 Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie, TX – April nine, 2011

Scarborough Renaissance Festival 2011 – Dwelling Chess Match
renaissance costume

Picture by Firebird Photos
Opening day of the 2011 Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie, TX – April 9, 2011

Scarborough Renaissance Festival 2011 – Living Chess Match
renaissance costume

Picture by Firebird Images
Opening day of the 2011 Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie, TX – April 9, 2011


Question by laura: How much would a medieval news paper cost during medieval times?
How much would a news paper cost in medieval times? And what was the currency?
I have to do this silly project about a medieval times newspaper… and he said you need to have a price, what wool you price a newspaper at in florence?
15 – 17th century

Best answer:

Answer by SgtXcom
i wasn’t aware they had news papers back then. i thought they just had town criers.

What do you think? Answer below!


Female in medieval costume

by admin on October 19, 2010

A couple of great medieval costume photos I found:

Lady in medieval costume
medieval costume

Image by AcidFlask

Oliver Sa Tyr, Faun
medieval costume

Image by fluffy_steve
Medieval Male Singer Oliver Sa Tyr with Band Faun taken at Wave Gotik Treffen 2008 Leipzig Germany

Adult in Costume
medieval costume

Image by cheesy42
Grown ups in medieval costume at a festival in Friesach / Austria.


Halloween Renaissance Merchant

by admin on October 18, 2010

Some awesome renaissance put on photos:

Halloween Renaissance Merchant
renaissance wear

Picture by Jeffrey Keefer
My 2009 Halloween outfit is that of a Renaissance merchant. I am organizing to put on this to the 2009 Halloween Parade in New York Town (Greenwich Village) tonight.

Wench Use
renaissance wear

Image by trazomfreak
Objects worn upon a wench’s belt.

Renaissance Fair. (Irwindale, CA)

me as a renaissance peasant
renaissance wear

Picture by Newbirth35
October 11, 2008 – At a costume birthday party for the three foster youngsters. Indeed, I am wearing a genuine Ren Faire dress. I compensated mucho income for it way back in 1994 at the Ren Faire.


Renaissance Fashion Earrings

by admin on October 16, 2010

A number of nice renaissance wear pictures I found:

Renaissance Design Earrings
renaissance wear

Picture by NATALIA Photographs
This is a stunning earring set produced with gorgeous drops freshwater pearls. The pearls dangle from a chandelier with extremely intricate filigree scroll work.
Pearls have constantly been cherished, but throughout the Renaissance they ended up an integral component of any piece of jewelry. Pearl earrings were worn not only for their elegance but to show the prosperity and status of the lady. This certain design of fragile pearl earrings is timelessly romantic and feminine, with a 24kt. Vermeil.

Renaissance Typography »eX libris« (for widescreen displays)
renaissance wear

Picture by arnoKath
Wallpaper 1920×1200 designed with a calligraphic »X« initial cap. I found this gorgeous calligraphic first cap in an old German e-book from the sixteenth century referred to as »Kunstrichtige Schreibart—Allerhand Versalien oder Anfangsbuchstaben der Deutschen, Lateinischen, und Italienischen Schriften aus unterschiedlichen Meistern der Schriftkunst zusammengetragen—Nürnberg, Paulus Fürsten, Kunsthändler« (in English: Arty Lettering—Collection of all sorts of cash letters and original caps of german, latin and italian lettering developed by diferent grasp craftsmen— Nürnberg, Paulus Fürsten, arts seller).
Supply: »archive org«
The brush I created for my wallpaper, making use of the scan of the »X« original cap, I reveal with you here: Website link

Typefaces in use:

P22 (IHOF): James Grieshabers excellent Ludovico degli Arrighi revival »Operina«.

estudioCrop: Dado Queiroz’ worn, grungy, blackletter deal with »Tritura«.