March 2011

Awesome Renaissance Garments photographs

by admin on March 18, 2011

Verify out these renaissance garments pictures:

Alice Christian – Miss Oxfordshire 2010
renaissance clothing

Picture by Nick Atkins Photography
Studio Portrait.
Model: Alice Christian
MUA: Jezebel Make-Up
Hair Stylist: Heidi Vince
Apparel: Renaissance, Witney.

The Renaissance
renaissance clothing

Image by ilovememphis
Thigh Large Jeans’ mission statements are posted on huge posters in their studio.

Renaissance Faire Costume, ‘Treasure Chest’
renaissance clothing

Picture by animakitty
I really like the joke and execution on this 1. Examine out the details.


Some cool medieval use pictures:

Troopers from Lincolne Companie (with notes).
medieval wear

Picture by skeggy
Info from the Lincolne Companie armorer (a.k.a. ‘Mole’):

The men of The Lincolne Companie stand at the prepared. Left to appropriate –

1. The Crossbowman. He wears quite little armor in addition to a straightforward Italian salade and a mail mantle. Archers typically wore very small armor as it tended to slow them up and they necessary to be swift on their feet so that they could be rushed to wherever they’d be the most successful or, failing that, to escape. He carries a crossbow outfitted with a steel prod or bow. This enables him to correctly fire an 18-inch prolonged short arrow named a quarrel or bolt up to 100 yards. At closer range, the bolt will simply pierce even large armor, go through a horse, or penetrate by way of three-inches of seasoned oak. The 250 pound pull of the bow demands a mechanical lever method to prepare the bow for firing and that lever hangs from his belt by his dagger. He also carries a quick sword and buckler.

two. The Armorer. Even although he builds and repairs it, he wears no armor in any way, Although not a soldier, he has to be prepared defend the camp if it should be overrun and with any weapon that he’s in a position to get his hands on, just like all the other folks who
follow the armies. He carries a prolonged-dealt with pole axe.

3. The Captain. He is dressed in a very good Italian armor, or at minimum most of it. He’s discarded the reduce leg pieces to make it simpler to battle on foot and the weapon he carries is of German manufacture and is referred to as a voulge.

four. The Billman. He is the frequent soldier. A pig farmer by trade, he answered the summons to arms and was issued the kettle helmet he wears and the big-bladed pole arm or invoice he carries and that is it. He’s wearing a property-created quilted jacket known as a
gambeson that is been padded out with horsehair, scraps of wool, or even straw. As extra protection, he’s sewn chains of roughly created metal plates to his sleeves. Apart from the invoice, he carries a hefty-bladed sword named a falchion, a small buckler, and a dagger.

five. The Sapper. His work is to construct and to destroy defensive operates, dig tunnels underneath walls, set fires, and whatever else is necessary to provide down an enemy’s fortifications. A plowman by trade, he was known as to duty and issued the wide-brimmed kettle-helm he’s wearing and his padded gambeson, but little else. He’s also putting on a breastplate he took from a prize of battle. He carries a extended-dealt with war hammer, named by the French a bec du corbin, or “raven’s beak”. On a single aspect is a small, four tined hammer for smashing armor plate and on the other facet is a prolonged triangular “beak” for punching holes via
helmets. He also carries a heavy sword in circumstance he wants it, but he’s just as happy to use a shovel.

You will Shoot Your Eye Out!
medieval wear

Image by kimncris
The knights did not look to be wearing any protective eye gear.


Mermaid figurehead

by admin on March 9, 2011

Check out out these medieval use photographs:

Mermaid figurehead
medieval wear

Picture by Arkadyevna
is it me or is there a worn patch on her left breast?

Day 697: Elvet Bridge
medieval wear

Picture by Manic Street Preacher
Sat 26 Dec 2009. Boxing day walk along the River Wear in Durham. A medieval crossing of the River Use.


Nice Medieval Garments photographs

by admin on March 6, 2011

Some cool medieval clothes photographs:

I’ve bathed in sunshine but cherished the fading light
medieval clothing

Image by netzanette

Session with my sister
medieval clothing

Image by netzanette