July 2011

Query by thirddegree77: Samurai vs. Knight. Who would acquire in a one particular on a single combat? A French knight, ca. mid 15th century, a potent medieval tank and professional on the battlefield who is willing to die for his lord and his god. A Japanese samurai, ca. late 16th century, a experienced master of […]


Fits of Armour

by admin on July 27, 2011

Some great match of armor photos: Suits of Armour Image by Luke Robinson Suit of Armour Picture by vonlampard


Not very sufficient chainmail garments

by admin on July 26, 2011

Verify out these renaissance clothes photos: Not very adequate chainmail garments Image by vacekrae Renaissance Faire Costume ‘Treasure Chest’ Picture by animakitty Specifics on flickr.com/images/animakitty/2897074003/


Problem by Harry D: Random Problem: Fave weapon to just take into a fight? (Close Combat)? It can variety from say Frypans, Baseball Bats with nails, Someone’s severed leg, or i choose medieval weapons these kinds of as katanas, halberds, My individual favorite is Kusari-gama or scythe Greatest response: Solution by Understanding Is Bliss1 time […]


Gratuitous kit shot exhibiting my sword

by admin on July 24, 2011

Some cool medieval put on photographs: Gratuitous kit shot exhibiting my sword Picture by One lucky man That paternoster with the coral red beads on my belt is the most recent addition to the kit the medieval ancestor of modern day rosary beads that would have been worn as screen of religious devotion by all […]