November 2011

Motorcycle Full Body Armor Protector Professional Road Motocross ATV Jacket Shirt (XLarge)

  • amazing entire entire body armor (back protector, shoulder cups, elbow cups, forearm protector, chest foam) all connected to a mesh shirt thing.
  • great entire body armor (back protector, shoulder cups, elbow cups, forearm protector, chest foam) all connected to a mesh shirt issue
  • Entire zipper front closure. Adjustable straps throughout the arms and shoulders.
  • Removable backbone armor with tail protector. Wide elastic waistline belt with Velcro adjustment.
  • XLarge Size: Front Lenght: 19.5″-22.5″ Back Lenght: 30″-33″ Sleeve 23″-twenty five” Chest forty”-44″ Waist 38″-42″

It is wonderful complete physique armor (again protector, shoulder cups, elbow cups, forearm protector, chest foam) all hooked up to a mesh shirt issue. Produced of mild fat but tough stretchable Lycra/mesh internet fabric and substantial effect injection molded plastic. Total zipper front closure. Adjustable straps all through the arms and shoulders. Removable spine armor with tail protector. Wide elastic waist belt with Velcro adjustment. Thumb loops keep arm safety in spot. This is a Tremendous Top quality ARMOR that

Listing Cost: $ 49.91

Cost: $ 32.70


Query by kpopfanatic: Is It challenging to get a occupation at the renaissance fair?
hello there, im 14 turning 15 the 1st day of the renaissance fair and i desperately need money. my friend operates there and states that they begin selecting at 13. she mentioned she is aware of an individual who wants a flower lady but she may well need to have the work also so idk. she said it isnt that difficult to get a work but i must have signed up a long time back….
do you feel i have a possibility, anyone want to share some experiences with me/ is this exciting?

Greatest answer:

Reply by Galacticat
It really is truly tough if you don’t use. Use and maintain applying – ultimately they will be so sick of you they’re going to have to give you a task XD

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Some cool renaissance wear pictures:

Now for the element of the present we like to call “Mime: caught in an invisible box.”
renaissance wear

Image by colorblindPICASO
A lot more of the stomach dancer present. Shot at the 2009 Four Winds Renaissance Faire near Whitehouse Texas.

#eleven – I Spy, with my little eye…..
renaissance wear

Picture by keishkakeishka
I spy, with my tiny eye…. a complete bunch of stuff from way back again in substantial university and shortly there following. Issues from before I moved to Texas (like CTA token and transfer). Points from shortly following I moved to Texas (like awesome buttons). Things from when I moved to Texas permanantly (like a entire lot of McDonald’s toys I snagged working there in high school). Things from way just before large faculty (leather piece from a bracelet worn as evidence of entrance payment payment for a renaisance fair). And following substantial faculty (like a Wal-Mart identify tag, from when my son was only three months old). Move above the notes to see facts.

All of this was packed up in a box for many years. Right up until I essential a kangaroo (which is there somewhere!). Oh, what a MARATHON down memory lane this was! (Can you say stretch?)

Horn man
renaissance wear

Image by pandaposse
Apparently again in the Renaissance numerous individuals wore horns on their head.


Would you want to go to a Renaissance Fair?

by admin on November 26, 2011

Question by Emma D.: Would you want to go to a Renaissance Fair?
I want to see if my youth group leaders think it would be all right to make a group journey of the Northern California Renaissance Faire, but I will not know that any person would want to go. So, would you want to go to a Ren Honest with your youth group (or any group)? Camp out for a saturday and sunday, and wander the fair in the course of the day. Dress in period costume if you want to. Appear at all the awesome things for sale, and maybe even acquire some of it. Anyone think that would be really worth placing out there?

Finest answer:

Remedy by Verity M
I’ve been to a number of in the LA area and in Virginia. You Require to understand the interval in order to appreciate what the costumes suggest (or don’t– some are just an excuse to put on chain mail and play “Lord of the Rings”) and to get a realistic really feel for the period of time.

Performed proper, a Ren Faire is academic and entertaining, supplying you a flavor of lifestyle in 1588 England. I would go!

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by admin on November 26, 2011

A number of great medieval axe photographs I found:

medieval axe

Picture by Mathieu Struck
Medieval Reasonable at Gniezno, Poland, July-2011.

The occasion was a celebration of the coronation of Bolesław I the Brave as 1st king of Poland (1024). There were lots of polish/slavish knights with real swords, spears and axes. Fortunately we have not told them we were germans -)

We located this extremely curious fair totally by incident. Besides a lot of medieval knights battling, there have been a lot musicians, dancers, artisans, herbalists, gunsmiths, saddlers, coopers, and many other ancient craftsmen. Afterwards, we noticed in the web there ended up even some witches, but we have not seen them.

About Gniezno:
One of the Piasts’ chief cities, Gniezno was first mentioned by 10th century A.D. sources as the richesse of Piast Poland (in Dagome Iudex). Its Roman Catholic archbishop, the Archbishop of Gniezno, is the Primate of Poland. These historical facts make its place in Polish history similar to Canterbury in England or Rheims in France.

The tenth century Gniezno cathedral (on the foreground) witnessed royal coronations of Bolesław I in 1024 and his son Mieszko II Lambert in 1025. The cities of Gniezno and close by Poznań ended up captured, plundered and destroyed in 1038 by the Bohemian duke Bretislav I, which pushed the next Polish rulers to move the Polish funds to Kraków. The archiepiscopal cathedral was reconstructed by the following ruler, Boleslaus II the Generous, who was crowned king here in 1076.

Gniezno evolved as a regional seat of the eastern part of Greater Poland, and in 1238 municipal autonomy was granted by the duke Władysław Odonic. Gniezno was once again the coronation website in 1295 and 1300. Over the hundreds of years, it alternated polish, prussian, teutonic, bohemian, swedish, french and german (WWII) dominion, invasion or looting.

See wherever this photograph was taken. [?]

Standard mediaeval songs group
medieval axe

Image by owenhurrell

medieval axe

Picture by dbzer0
A big axe