December 2011

Issue by ~Emma~: How did they make planks by hand in the medieval days?
I don’t forget viewing a documentary about the center ages and some place residences. I’ve often beloved that outdated rustic appear that they got from creating crude planks with axes. How is it they could get a entire sized tree, and make straight, thick, durable, broad, and amazing hunting planks? It is confused me eternally.

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Reply by mariner31
Saws have been in existence since prehistory, BUT one more common method (utilized up by way of the 1800’s in rural America) is with an Ax, a Sledge-hammer, and Wedges.

One splits the log in fifty percent by hammering wedges… a single then can split more planks off that log with More wedges.

I’ve completed that myself on a cabin I created back again in 1979, and lately with a tree (oak) that fell during a winter season storm on our ranch. We got 12 two by twelve inch planks of 15 foot in length.

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Merchant at Viking Fest

by admin on December 31, 2011

Test out these medieval clothes photos:

Merchant at Viking Fest
medieval clothes

Image by taylor.a
Poulsbo Viking Fest

Cote and Cutler Outfitters at Wollongong Medieval Fair
medieval clothes

Image by Vanessa Pike-Russell
wollongongmedievalfestival-IMGP7409-PENTAX -ist DL


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Muslims, are you dwelling a lie when…?

by admin on December 30, 2011

Query by Achmed: Muslims, are you dwelling a lie when…?
You complain about Israel and their treatment method of the Palestinians although Muslims are killing Christians in the occupied territory of Cyprus.

Cyprus was ethnically split in 1974 when Turkey invaded following a coup by supporters of union with Greece. Turkish Cypriots declared an unbiased republic in the north in 1983, but only Turkey acknowledges it, and it maintains 35,000 troops there.

On Friday Chrysostomos launched a stinging assault on Turkey for “ethnic cleansing” of the northern Cyprus region. As he fulfilled with Benedict on Saturday, Muslim calls for prayer from a mosque in northern Nicosia could be plainly heard across the medieval capital, which is also divided.

Resource: Yahoo News
I am not expressing Israel is cost-free to get rid of everyone and I am not saying any person is free of charge to get rid of everyone else. I am expressing its a ambigu regular and a lie.
Historic. you test to make it audio like it transpired ages back whilst it is occurring correct now. And it is not spin, it is a comparision amongst two gatherings. so please get your ideology out of the way.
If I am about generalizing issues why are palestinians built to dwell in the slums of Lebanon. With Muslims if you will not imagine with the greater part you are handled inadequately if not killed.
Title me a single spot in the world had been Christians are killing individuals since they are various or of another faith.
With Christians it is self defence.

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Solution by use your mind
okay israel, you are totally free to get rid of us. do it.

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Medieval Weapons?

by admin on December 29, 2011

Question by colby2bad: Medieval Weapons?
Can somebody notify me a area or site to buy quality medieval weapons maily swords and flails. I would like this spot to be in close proximity to California. And remember to dont publish like ebay or amazon or one thing like that. Make sure you have your information be trustworthy and not a scam.

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Reply by halofreak157

Hope these internet sites assist.

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