February 2012

Question by : What are some CREATIVE Halloween costume ideas for two girls?
I always have quite a conundrum when it comes to halloween costumes. My least favorite thing to do is go to some store and buy a slutty costume, so this year my friend and I decided we’d do a group thing. We’re looking for something cute, creative, and possibly homemade. We both are brunettes except I’m short and she’s very tall. All ideas are appreciated! Thank you!

Best answer:

Answer by IeuanBarker
Dress as hookers hahaha

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Issue by Regular girl: What is a lot more expense successful, sewing up my personal renaissance fair costume or buying it?
I took one particular sewing course when i was in high college but i am very good at it.. what is more effective. the dresses i sa won ebay had been arounf 65-seventy five dollars..


Finest solution:

Answer by Cherise Kelley
65 – seventy five is rather reasonable, specially for middle course or noble Renfaire costumes. For peasant garb, you can do better producing it oneself.

The reasonable you system to participate in ought to have workshops that teach you how to make your possess costume, and styles as effectively as rules about which materials you can wear. Never make your costume before you take these workshops, or your costume may not pass and you will have to do all that perform about once again.

For Halloween, just borrow a friend’s Renfaire costume. We use it so significantly we want to be one thing else for Halloween. ) You will get to that stage, too.

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Small bronze statue of a medieval knight

by admin on February 23, 2012

A few nice medieval costume images I found:

Small bronze statue of a medieval knight
medieval costume

Image by Horia Varlan
Really small statue made from bronze, picturing a medieval knight. The historical figure has a highly decorated military costume, wears boots and holds a large axe on his shoulders, behind his head, which is covered by protective gear.

festa da istoria
medieval costume

Image by Isidr☼ Cea
Festa da Istoria, yes… sin H. En Rivadabia, ciudad medieval judía por excelencia.
La gente se disfraza y en un fin de semana, se rememoran hechos de tiempos pretéritos.
Esta es una panorámica desde el castillo.


Istory party… without H, yes…. In Rivadabia, medieval Jewish city par excellence.
People dressed with medieval costumes in a weekend, reminiscent of events from ancient times.
This is a panoramic view from the castle


Question by Ophelia: Inappropriate to use a Princess Belle costume to a Renaissance Fair?
I imply, I’ve noticed individuals dress as Naruto and a Geisha, which would seem wayyy off-training course, but Belle is from the seventeenth century and European. So it should work, proper?

Greatest answer:

Answer by Aya
It’s nevertheless inauthentic. Evidently, individuals get away with donning inauthentic costumes to Renaissance Fairs all the time, so it is actually up to you if you want to wear a Belle costume. But if looking genuine is essential to you, Belle isn’t really likely to function.

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Whetstone Cutlery Authentic Hand Forged Roman Sword

Whetstone Cutlery Authentic Hand Forged Roman Sword

  • Size: 0.0Lx0.0Wx0.0H

Hand forged roman soldier sword this hand forged sword looks real as if it were in a real battle from the roman empire.  it was built by hand to give it the authentic look like these roman swords of old. The hand forged sword has the look of imperfections that a hand made sword would have, but this is a brand new item! the metal on the sheath is real brass. Specifications: overall length: 29.75 blade length: 19.5 blade thickness: 3/32 blade material: high carbon steel blade that is hand for

List Price: $ 37.39