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Question by : Are all the girls who work at Renaissance fair sluts?
I went out w a girl who was a “Festie”, and she was always telling me stories about the promiscuous behavior of the carnies…errrr… performers after hours. Needless to say, we’re broken up, but is it true that those glorified carnies all have orgies after the gates close?

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Answer by ◕‿-79 ♡ ♥
No.. your mind is just in the gutter.

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A few nice medieval clothing images I found:

Book of Hours, f.108r, (184 x 133 mm), 15th century, Alexander Turnbull Library, MSR-02.
medieval clothing

Image by National Library NZ on The Commons
This Book of Hours was copied in Eastern France between 1425 and 1475. Shown here is one of twelve large miniatures, each in a gold frame arched at the top and with three or four lines of text beneath. This miniature shows a richly-clothed King David with his harp lying beside him, and a book of psalms open on the ground in front of him. At the base of the border are an agricultural worker and a man with a scorpio sign; at the top two confronting cocks. Immediately below the miniature is a 3-line initial in red, blue and green with white tracery on a gold ground. The last line of text is completed with a line-filler. This page occurs the beginning of the section containing the seven penitential psalms.

The Book of Hours was a medieval prayer book used by laymen for private devotion. These books were created for both men and women, but their place in female devotion is particularly noteworthy. The text centres on the Hours of the Virgin, a series of prayers to be said at the eight canonical hours of Matins, Lauds, Prime, Terce, Sext, None, Vespers, and Compline.

shooting against the wind
medieval clothing

Image by hans s
is difficult with these medieval clothes

Beaker with Apes: Upclose
medieval clothing

Image by feministjulie
Beaker with Apes

Silver, silver gilt, and painted enamel. South Lowlands, probably the Burgundian Territories, ca. 1425-1450.

One of the finest surviving examples of medievalenamel created for a princely table, this beaker illustrates a popular legend that remarks on the folly of man: the peddler who is robbed by a band of apes as he sleeps. The peddler, seen just above the base, fails to stir as the apes strip away his clothes. Other apes, having taken his goods, cavort in the branches overhead. The beaker originally had a cover. The unusual grisaille enamel technique is found on several other surviving objects, all of which have been associated with the court of the dukes of Burgundy.


Looking for outfits for a Renaissance Fair?

by admin on March 23, 2012

Question by Red: Looking for outfits for a Renaissance Fair?
I’m looking for outfits for my whole family for the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. I have a husband and a 9 month old. I can’t find much on the web for my son.
Is there companies that sells costumes and/or baby carriers for this time period? If so, please leave a link?

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Answer by *~♥Apple Pie♥~*
Just wondering, do you know someone who can sew? Because I had my last 2 costumes made from a friend of a family, and they turned out awesome!!!

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Cool Katana images

by admin on March 22, 2012

Check out these katana images:


Image by ClaraCardoso
Novo brinquedinho do meu amor…


Question by : How Is It That Non Believers Rely On Science to Give Them the Answers, But When Science …?
…proves Biblical material such as the “Shroud of Turin” to possibly be authentic, they immediately deny science?

This question is interesting, because when it comes to scientific “theories” such as the “Big Bang” they are all for it! Even when scientists ADMIT it is a theory! They try and twist the truth by saying that it is a fact and that people who don’t get it do not have an education. When, clearly, scientists still don’t know how we came into existence.

The Shroud of Turin has been under examination for years now, but the most recent news has claimed that the Shroud of Turin is authentic, and I quote, “could only be explained by an occurrence of the supernatural.”

If you want the entire news story, then google it, because there are sooo many links.

I think people will try to deny anything that they don’t want to believe.

Also, they said that it cannot be a hoax of Medieval Times, because the technology used in order to create that hoax,is not even available today.
I know I am going to get a stupid response from someone but here is a link anyway lol.

But seriously, there are HUNDREDS of articles on it.

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Answer by Bria
The scientists that proved the Shroud of Turin were Christians. Oh and that shroud would not be in such good condition if it was as old as Christians claim it to be.

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