February 2013

Boys Superhero Costume Set

by admin on February 26, 2013

Boys Superhero Costume Set Includes: Superman Pullover Shirt w/Cape, Superman Boot Tops, Batman Pullover Shirt w/Cape, Batman Headpiece, Robin Pullover Shirt w/Cape, Robin Eye Mask, Robin Gauntlets Contribute to both The Justice League and Teen Titans with this action trio costume set. These superhero Superman, Robin and Batman polyester pullovers each have their individual logo […]


Vermaledeyt MPS Speyer2012_02

by admin on February 24, 2013

Some cool medieval costume images: Vermaledeyt MPS Speyer2012_02 Image by ULF72 Faun MPS Speyer 2012_03 Image by ULF72 Concert of "Faun" at the MPS in Speyer, Germany Vermaledeyt MPS Speyer2012_01 Image by ULF72


by Albion Europe ApS Question by Jade Rat: What sword was the most effective in history? As in like, the Japanese Katana, the Roman Gladius, Scottish Claymore things like that. What had the biggest impact? Was was the most balanced? I think, the Japanese Katana was the best, It was light, very durable folded sometimes […]


Kid Pink Supergirl Costume

by admin on February 16, 2013

Youngster Pink Supergirl Costume Supergirl rocks the hero entire world Sizzling metallic pink gown Attached cape Bootcovers and belt Made of steamed panne and lycra foil Our Pink Supergirl Costume features a scorching pink dress with connected cape, gold belt and pink and gold boot tops. This is the officially accredited Pink Supergirl costume. Record […]


What is the name of this kind of weapon?

by admin on February 15, 2013

Question by Chris: What is the name of this kind of weapon? My dad owns a pair of swords he bought at the Renaissance Fair a long while back. There are two swords, that fit into the scabbard to look like (from the outside of course) like a single sword. What is this called? Best […]