February 2013

Some cool medieval wear images: The Treasury: Cluster Brooch with letters spelling “amor” Image by peterjr1961 Cluster Brooch with letters spelling "amor" Date mid-15th century; Franco-Flemish This gold cluster jewel includes the Latin word amor (love) in delicate gold letters. It could have been worn either as a pendant or a brooch, and in portraits […]


by Albion Europe ApS Query by Frostfaxe D.: The use of warhammers for the duration of the Viking age? I am curious about the hammer Mjolnir that is pointed out in the old Heathen mythology. I have not been ready to uncover any data of real mallets or warhammers getting utilized in the course of […]


Question by BeeDee: Does anyone know of an organization that donates Halloween Costumes to underprivileged children? I would like to do a costume drive at my school and collect gently used Halloween costumes, and donate them to a charity. I’ve tried looking some up but cannot find any. Best answer: Answer by Libby Schmitzgo here […]

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by Contando Estrelas Question by wren: What new technological discoveries have been discovered in the last 5 years …? about the Shroud of Turin ? Best answer: Answer by CoraA good start. http://zidbits.com/2011/01/top-10-scientific-discoveries-of-2010/ Unless you mean inventions? edit: never mind I just read “Shroud of Turin.” Add your own answer in the comments!


Nice Renaissance Dress in visuals

by admin on February 4, 2013

A few nice renaissance wear images I found: On my honor Image by reconstructionist I am pretty pleased with how this scarf turned out! I *will* be wearing this everyday- you know how I do when I like something! Oh! And I’m sporting my new white bloomers underneath everything. And that top is getting some […]