May 2013

Question by Ceit: Where can I find an elven-looking headdress? I’m trying to find an elven-looking headress for a Renaissance fair. The official ones from Lord on the Rings have been discontinued. HELP ME! Best answer: Answer by Scott PDo you read Renaissance Magazine? It’s loaded with ads from makers of all sorts of items […]


Cool Renaissance Costume images

by admin on May 16, 2013

Check out these renaissance costume images: Renaissance Faire 2009 Image by Parker Knight Renaissance Faire 2009 Image by Parker Knight Renaissance Faire 2009 Image by Parker Knight


by dixieroadrash Question by Klakman: Is it possible to bring a katana (Japanese Sword) from Japan to America? I’m going to Japan this summer and I thought it would be cool to get a katana (Japanese Sword). Is it possible to take one on a plane in your suitcase? Please Respond! Best answer: Answer by […]


Cool Renaissance Wear images

by admin on May 6, 2013

Some cool renaissance wear images: Knight circa 1290 to 1330 AD Image by One lucky guy Posing outside the pavilion of some friends that happens to match my colors by no small coincidence. Despite my forboding about the weather, the heavens smiled upon us this past Saturday. Perfect weather really, so I got a chance […]


A few nice roman sword images I found: Roman Portraits from Aphrodisias ( Aphrodisias’tan Roma Portreleri ) Image by halilgokdal 3. Bust of man with sword-strop. From "Hadrianic Baths". Late first century AD. ( Kılç kayışlı erkek büstü. Hadrionus Hamamları’ndan. MS 1. YY sonu.) Tree Image by jimgrant Night Image by jimgrant