Awesome Medieval Shield photographs

A couple of nice medieval shield photos I identified:

medieval shield
Picture by ArtsieAspie
Shield at the entrance to the sword combat re-enactment by the Glencoe Medieval Re-enactment Group, at the Celtic Festival of Queensland, Helidon, Oct thirty 2011.

medieval shield
Picture by theroamincatholic
‘Where, ‘twixt totter’d stones and ruins fade
The amber glow of woodland glade
Where, ‘neath canopies of leafy shade,
Bluebells droop like timid maid,
There they slept–their really like entomb’d,
‘Mid breaking dawn and nightly gloom
Careless of the ages past,
But a single to other, cleaving fast.’


Medieval tomb,
Chapter Property, Inchmahome Priory,
Lake Menteith, Scotland.

texture by pareeerica at

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