Could a mediaeval fit of armour shield you versus a contemporary gun?

suit of armour
by Pahz

Query by anotherusernamecozlostoldone: Could a mediaeval match of armour shield you towards a contemporary gun?

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Response by Terry W
Only if u had been shot at from a fantastic distance and the bulet had slowed down a lot. MOst bullets would go right by way of

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  1. No. They couldn’t protect them from medeival guns either, that is why they declined.

    Edit/ response to some below comments:
    Henry VIII outlawed crossbows because he thought they were unsporting.
    Agincourt was a victory because the English had higher ground. They were on top of a hill and shot straight down into the holes in the armour. Armour was still used through Elizabethan and later periods, but began to decline when muskets started putting holes in knights.

  2. NO, unless the suit of armor was thick enough to keep a bullet from penetrating it. If it was it would be far to heavy for anyone to wear it and move with it on.

  3. Depends alot on the ballistics of the weapon used and the quality of the armor as well as the angle of impact.

    If it is a low density low speed round it may protect you.

    High speed high density round will not do anything to help you .

  4. There is not a chance that you would be protected from any military weapon.
    For that matter they were not much against midevil weaponry.
    The pope outlawed the crossbow for a time because it would penetrate a knights armor and pin him inside to bleed to death.
    If you really want to see how effective armor was read up on Agincourt, although you may want to check on the spelling of that one.
    A british army of archers with the british long bow, wiped out the entire french cavelry of knights, it seems like it was something like 40,000 french casualties but you might want to check on that number, while suffering almost no losses themselves.
    The iron tip on the arrows easily pierced the knights armor.
    that was pretty much then end of the knights in armor thing.
    The funny part is that the armor that is worn by police for protection against bullets is not as effective against an arrow.
    I guess thats not really all that funny!

  5. It depends on both the type of armor and the type of gun. Chain mail wouldnt protect against a shotgun at close range at all. However, a well-crafted full breastplate may protect fairly well against a handgun at mid-range. Depending on the metals used, the medieval armor would be able to protect you better if they were good metals than if they were poor ones. Still, its nearly impossible to find someone who could make you a suit of geniune medieval armor. All of them are merely replicas and antiques, the cost of making a real piece of armor meant for battle would be very high and impossible to obtain.

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