Q&A: How did they make medieval knights helmets?

Question by Jennifer: How did they make medieval knights helmets?
I am carrying out a task for school on medieval knights helmets,
( http://www.a2armory.com/medspan.html – is the 1 I am using)
and I can’t find a web site that explains how they made them (in the old periods- not now) or what type of things they built them out of. If you know of a great site, make sure you inform me.

Thank you in advance,

Best answer:

Reply by dr. yahoo
I would E-mail this guy…


I have witnessed his function, personally, and it really is brilliant.
He’s nicely recognized in the circles that do Renn Faires and the likes.

What do you assume? Solution under!

7 thoughts on “Q&A: How did they make medieval knights helmets?

  1. They took pieces of steel, heated them up and pounded them with hammers and anvils to get the shapes they wanted.Then they pieced them together with rivits.

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