What caliber could a frequent suit of armor cease?

Query by Hank: What caliber could a common fit of armor end?
Is there any contemporary caliber rounds that a piece of chain mail with a frequent fit of knights armor could stop/defend you from?

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Answer by magiccharm
22 quick/gallery or a 25 perhaps, anything at all else you are hurting badly

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5 thoughts on “What caliber could a frequent suit of armor cease?

  1. Welded Chain Mail could stop 22LR, the plate armor did not stop the earliest rounds smooth bore rounds. The solution was to make the breast plate thicker and drop the arms and legs and helmet so the soldier would not get as tired wearing it.

  2. Using just chain mail and at a distance of not more than ten feet, chain mail will most likely shatter from impact of a bullet making it into shrapnel. However, it is useful in defense of knife attack.

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