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by Alaskan Dude Question by Pastor Winthrop: Why do Muslims place so little emphasis on freedom? In the West, especially America, “freedom” is the sacred word that both left and right fight over to claim most identifies with their political ideology. I just don’t hear any talk of freedom amongst Muslims. All I hear is […]


Who all is into Renaissance reenactment ?

by admin on December 28, 2013

by Alaskan Dude Question by Cheri moya: Who all is into Renaissance reenactment ? Is it a pretty big movement? Whats it all about? Is it a Pagan thing or just fun and frolic???? Qurious me Best answer: Answer by S. M.I’m a total nerd for that stuff, but I don’t think it has anything […]


Question by cynical bugger: When “Socialism” is so obviously misunderstood by the Extreme right, why bother even listening? When so many are so utterly blinded by Fox “News” to the exclusion of receiving, even for a moment, any other, less biased form of information without having to label it, “liberal” merely because it proposes to […]


by antony_mayfield Question by geeks_gadgets: Why are Christians the most persecuted religion in the world? You may say “Christian are violent, or liars, or whatever you want. But when you compare them with other religions, they are not. At least not the real Christians. Why are Christians then the most persecuted? And don’t tell me […]


by elaynab Question by Juan Lopez: How come in every portrait of Adam and Eve Adam has darker skin? I just find it weird. In every picture of the two Eve is very pale. I don’t know why. Just found that a little odd. Also, dos anyone kow what happens to them? I don’t remember […]