Cosplay and Halloween Costumes

What is Cosplay?

Within the world of comic book and video game conventions, cosplay is one of the largest forms of social bonding. Formally referred to as “costume play,” cosplay is when people create costumes that mimic specific characters from various forms of media. As mentioned before, these characters typically come from comic books or video games, though televisions shows, movies, and other hobbies have been known to be cosplayed.

Most cosplay fans recreate characters that are well known, such as Captain Hook, Master Chief, or Deadpool. Ideally, the cosplay fan’s goal is to try their hardest to perfectly recreate the character. Every accessory, piece of clothing, and weaponry must match that of the one depicted in the media. (There are even contests where cosplay fans gather and challenge each other to recreation battles. The winner receives bragging rights, sometimes even cash or gift prizes.)

 Why Cosplay?

If you are wondering why someone would want to cosplay as a character for a convention that may last no longer than a week, look no further than to Halloween for an answer. Halloween lasts only a day, yet people prepare their costumes months ahead of the date. (Some people even have costume preparation parties, where people gather to share costume creation tips, secrets, and critiques.) The point is, cosplay, like Halloween, is about surrounding yourself with people that share your appreciation for costume fun. It’s about letting your creativity out in a unique manner that leaves you with a super awesome costume.

Cosplay fans take a lot of pride in their creations, because the character they are recreating is often one that means something to the fan. It’s a character that represents a quality that the fan admires. If you have ever spent time pondering your Halloween costume, you understand that how you look can mean a lot to those looking at you. The same goes for cosplay.

But here’s an inside secret: preparing a cosplay costume does not have to be hard. In fact, some cosplay fans do nothing more than buy a Halloween costume, because some Halloween costumer manufacturers makes such high-quality costumes. (Plus, making your own Halloween costume could take weeks, sometimes months, and buying a costume offers an easier option.) Of course, you could also use manufacturer Halloween costumes for inspiration to build your own.

Unfortunately, Halloween only comes around once per year, and while many individuals enjoy the morbid nature of the holiday, some just enjoy dressing up in costume. For these individuals, cosplay is a way to appreciate building and wearing costumes all year long. Depending on where you live, there could be a cosplay convention each and every month, offering numerous chances to show off your love for dressing as a character. If there are no conventions near you, there are always online communities looking for new members that want to show off their costumes.

Loving Halloween costumes does not have to be a once-per-year event. With so many cosplay fans in the world, it’s almost becoming an everyday event.

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