Funny or creative halloween costume tips?

Question by x0x0x: Funny or creative halloween costume ideas?
Funny or creative halloween costume ideas for a teen girl? If i can put parts of it together myself too that’d be good.

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Answer by Justine M
this may b from to long ago but i was paris hilton in jail when all that was going on. it was reli funny..simple orange dress (i made one but you could die a white on from summer–dresses are on clearance now!) and orage fishnets (i think i got them at walmart or target) black heels, cute make up, blonde hair, and a sign that said paris hilton, her case number, and the jail. i made a simple bag out of black and white stripped fabric. ohh and a headband and sparkly earings =]

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  1. Have a unique Halloween costume without pulling out the sewing machine. Directions on dressing as a pumpkin, a grandmother, popcorn bag, hot air balloon or grapes.

    Pumpkin No-Sew Halloween Costume

    This is a good Halloween costume for children over 3. All you need for this costume is an orange trash bag, a black marker, and newspaper. For a male child a dark sweat suit would be best, for a female white or colorful striped leggings and a solid top. Draw a jack o’ lantern face…

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