Question by always_smile010: HALLOWEEN cOsTuMeS?
Halloween is so fun, sometimes, what is the scariest costume, Cutest costume, and really…well…just neat costumes?

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Answer by Dulcie
A friend of mine went as the Fashion Police last year. She dress up in a sexy cop costume and used iron on letters to write “Fashion” over the word POLICE (already on the back of the shirt).

She spend the night writing out fake tickets that usually said something like: “it is a violation to be in public looking so cute.” Everyone she talked to seemed to love it and it was a great conversation starter at parties!

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9 thoughts on “HALLOWEEN cOsTuMeS?

  1. the scariest would be prob. a vampire or something..
    cute hmmm clowns r kinda cute but i like when people dress up as famous peoples
    Neat.. I am being a MUSTARD bottle!! I was gonna be ketchup but they had none left.. 🙁

  2. well my friend it being a deviled egg

    wearing an egg and devil ears

    me and my friends are being slutty “life savers”
    im gona be a nurse
    and the other 2 are being a cop and a firefighter

  3. Okay Halloween=MUY CREATIVO!!
    haha so i am being the energizer bunny!!
    be super creative. like a doodlecake or a present. make it completely wacky or let it resemble you! nothings like witches of vampires!!!

  4. One of my friends is planning on going as a Godess. Its really simple too! Another is going as a Sailor Pin-Up. But I really have to agree with the girl way above about the Nudist on strike. Clever, Funny, and Quick too! =D Happy Halloween!

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