Halloween CostumeS?

Question by gilmore94: Halloween CostumeS?
Alright, so I really wasn’t planning to go as everything… but I was conversing to my pal that i’m heading tricker dealing with with and so she would like to gown up as one thing with each other, like matching. So, she’s sorta pondering hippie…. but i am not a enthusiast of dressing up like that… so I was questioning what would be great (two thirteen calendar year outdated ladies) for us to do. We wanna search very good, we do not wanna purchase a total costume. We can acquire bits and parts, but not the total thing. We’ve got stuff so just tell us an idea. Thanks a great deal! <3 Happy Halloween. We wanna be somewhat the same costume, like maybe (for example) thing one and thing two, different but alike, we don't wanna go different, though. Thank ya guys so much in advance. Best solution:

Response by aegirlxoxo3
Be an angel and devil. Types. Pirates. Film stars.

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  1. you guys can be mario and luigi. one of you can wear a red shirt, the other a green. wear overalls or jeans with denim suspenders, draw on a mustache and add a cap that says either “M” or “L”
    or you could go as a magician and her assistant. one could dress in a leotard with black tights, a bow tie, white gloves, a hat and a wand while the other dresses in a pretty dress and holds some props like a bunny.
    here’s an idea my friends and i were thinking about doing –
    going as mice with one cat chasing us.
    good luck and happy halloween!

  2. Be thing one and thing two! You can both wear jeans and red shirts. Take a peice of white felt and cut out a circle and write Thing 1 on it (and the same to another circle but write Thing 2 on it) tape, glue, or sew it on the shirts. Spray your hair a light ble and put it in a high ponytail. Happy Halloween!

  3. Just dress nicely and buy a little sparkling crown and a long bold ribbon and write in it “Miss Congeniality” or something like that, you can write something more creative like “Miss Drama Queen” or “Miss Shopping Spree”

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