Halloween costume ideas?

Question by octopusinagarden: Halloween costumes…?
I wasn’t planning to do anything for Halloween this year, but I got invited to a party and I have to wear a costume. I don’t knopw what to wear! I don’t like witches, vampires, warlocks etc. because i think it’s offense to make fun of them…though costumes basiclly mock people…w/e the point is none of those, or nothing that’s ‘sexy’ and ‘naughty’.
Any suggestions?
Yeah it’s for a girl.
Something funny will also be good, or something DIY.
Or dressing up as a character…

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Answer by HAPPY HALLOWEEN((((((XAT.COM))))
well, i buy a warlock outfit at Swords of Honor

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  1. Nursery rhyme caracter…..Actress….pizza slice….Dorthy from wizard of oz…scarecrow….queen or a princess….puppy…cat…
    Costumes don’t always mock they give us a short time to dress up and pretend to be someone or something else.
    All in fun.

  2. My friend and i went to party city and got really funny stuff like big sunglasses, funny/fuzzy hats, crazy eyelashes, and necklaces etc. it turned out to b a really funny outfit. and party city has great discounts! hope i helped

    have fun at your party! :]

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