What are some cute dog halloween costumes?

halloween costumes
by ragby

Question by Sarah: What are some cute dog halloween costumes?
I have a girl dog named Lily who is 18 or 19 in long and she is a Jack Russell Terrier mix and i want to dress her up in something cute this year for halloween. What size is best for her? Links and websites of halloween costumes will be great. Thank you to all who help me out with this one.

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Answer by Berner Sennenhund *purebred doesnt mean well bred*
Dogs don’t usually like to be dressed up….

If she doesn’t mind it and you must do it, this store has every costume imaginable for dogs..


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6 thoughts on “What are some cute dog halloween costumes?

  1. If you MUST dress her up, just put something like antlers, horns, or whatever on her head and let it go art that. Dogs get too hot in costumes. She shoukd not be outside when kids are running wild, dropping candy, etc.

  2. Most dogs don’t like be dressed up you have to train them to do so or they will rip it off them.

    I think the best dress up idea is the one I just got this year. It is a ghost that gets to ride on my female lab’s back. it raps around the belly and the chest.
    My male mutt gets the grim reaper as his riding buddy. They have been dressed up since I got them as puppies. So they really don’t mind it at all.

  3. I would go to your local pet store superstore (like Petsmart) they have a bunch of cute costumes… i think i saw a Witch Costume and a Unicorn costume… both were adorable, and they were cheap… like $ 14.00 😛

  4. M-L? well petco has some adorable ones, but they are 20 dollars. not sure if you have a price range. walmart has the same ‘knock off’ version for 8 dollars… they look exactly the same, just not as frilly. but for 12 dollar saving, its cute enough! my maltipoo is being a witch, and the costume is actually really cute 🙂 oh & my westie is being a pumpkin its really cute!

    but yeah, have you ever dressed her up before? my maltipoo actually likes wearing clothes, shes been wearing them since she was a puppy, she’ll wear pajamas and everything. my westie was a bit of a struggle, she doens’t mind bows at all anymore, & is ok with coats and the halloween costumes, but thats really it.

  5. Don’t listen to people who keep saying that dogs don’t like being dressed up. My dogs actually like it. They become the smiliest, cutest, most playful little things on the planet in their Halloween costumes. And considering the fact that they are cockapoos, wipe their asses on the carpet and eat chunks of shit out of the litterbox, it’s not like they have much dignity anyway.

    CATS of *all* kinds hate being dressed up. I know some people think their cats like it, but NO cat likes being dressed up. Dogs it’s a hit or miss.

    I like some of the princess ones. I want to get a pumpkin costume though.

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