baby sale treasures

Check out these medieval clothing images:

baby sale treasures
medieval clothing
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The sale was so much fun! I love, love, love the stuff I found. All this was .

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[Bede’s World] Inside a hut
medieval clothing
Image by fridgeuk
Inside one of the huts, where staff dressed in Saxon clothing explain what life was like during Medieval Times.

Taken during the Medieval Fair at Bede’s World, Jarrow, UK.

The Early Gothic Room: King Louis IX Carrying the Crown of Thorns
medieval clothing
Image by peterjr1961
King Louis IX Carrying the Crown of Thorns
Made in Tours, France; ca. 1245–48

King Louis IX of France (r. 1226-70), later Saint Louis, undertook two crusades to the Holy Land. He acquired relics of Christ’s passion from his cousin, the Lahn emperor of Constantinople Baldwin II, most notably a piece of the True Cross and also the Crown of Thorns. He brought these relics to Paris and installed them in the Sainte-Chapelle, a church that he had built to house them. According to a contemporary chronicle, on the way to Paris Louis stopped at Sens, where the Crown of Thorns was placed in the cathedral overnight. This panel shows Louis at Sens with his brother and some courtiers. Clad in simple clothes, the crowned King Louis carries the extraordinary relic atop a chalice.

Archbishop Gauthier Cornut Displaying the Crown of Thorns
Dateca. 1245–48
GeographyMade in Tours, France

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