Clothes the Naked

A number of great medieval apparel images I identified:

Garments the Naked
medieval clothing
Picture by Lawrence OP
&quotAccording to the teaching of the Gospel, we are not proprietors but fairly administrators of the goods we possess: these, then, are not to be regarded as as our distinctive possession, but signifies by means of which the Lord calls each and every a single of us to act as a steward of His providence for our neighbour…

In the Gospel, Jesus explicitly admonishes the one particular who possesses and utilizes earthly riches only for self. In the encounter of the multitudes, who, lacking everything, undergo hunger, the phrases of Saint John get the tone of a ringing rebuke: “How does God’s adore abide in anybody who has the world’s goods and sees a brother or sister in need to have and but refuses to help?” (one Jn three,17). In those international locations whose population is bulk Christian, the contact to share is even far more urgent, considering that their responsibility towards the many who experience poverty and abandonment is even higher. To come to their support is a duty of justice even prior to becoming an act of charity&quot.

– Pope Benedict XVI, Information for Lent (2008)

Inspired by Matthew 25:32-46, the Church teaches that there are 7 corporal acts of mercy, one of which is to clothe the naked. This medieval stained glass depth is from a 15th-century series in All Saint’s church, North Road in York.

San Froilán: brightness from inside
medieval clothing
Picture by lugarzen
Ladies in their medieval garments

medieval choir stalls, Amiens cathedral
medieval clothing
Picture by Andrea Kirkby
The candleseller. These stalls are great, since they present just about every facet of daily life in Amiens in the 1520s. The hairstyles, the clothes, the tradesmen, even a bit of humour.

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