Cool Medieval Wear images

A few nice medieval wear images I found:

74/365: Reflective
medieval wear
Image by khowaga1
74/365: Reflection. March 16, 2010.

In the Madrassa of Sultan Hassan in the old city. This is the sister of our Egyptologist tour guide from the day before, and she doesn’t normally wear a scarf — I had borrowed a bunch from a friend and distributed them to those who needed them.

Sunny Spofforth
medieval wear
Image by tj.blackwell
A shot taken from the north side of Spofforth Castle. In 1067, William de Percy came to this country from Normandy. Being a favourite of William the Conquerer, he was granted no less than eighty six Lordships in Yorkshire, including Spofforth. As the centuries wore on, the Percy family obtained much power and influence in the north-east, which meant the importance of Spofforth as a residence declined. The Percy estates were confiscated following the rebellion of Henry, 1st Earl of Northumberland against King Henry IV in 1408. They were later restored but were lost again in 1461 during the Wars of the Roses. Although Spofforth returned to the family, it lay neglected for nearly a hundred years until another Henry, Lord Percy, restored it in 1559. Records suggest that the castle was last inhabited in 1604. It was finally reduced to ruins during the Civil War when its owners backed the losing side. The victors declared ‘Free Quarry’ on the site – it meant that locals were allowed to come and plunder the stone for their own use. As a result, many buildings in the locality contain elements of the pink sandstone which were once a part of the castle.

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