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Some cool renaissance wear images:

Il Condottiero
renaissance wear
Image by bazylek100
Johann Matthias Count von Schulenburg was in charge of the defence of Corfu during its 1716 siege by the Turks. The marble statue, standing at the entrance to the Old Fortress in Corfu, is a work by Antonio Corradini, a leading Venetian sculptor, who portrayed Schulenburg as an ancient Roman emperor (but wearing Renaissance armour and an 18th century wig).

Reichsfreiherr and Reichsgraf Marshal Johann Matthias von der Schulenburg (1661-1747) was a distinguished aristocrat (imperial count) and general of Brandenburg-Prussian descent who served in the Saxon and Venetian armies in the early eighteenth century and found a second career in retirement in Venice, as a grand collector and patron.
Between 1687 and 1688 he fought with the Imperial troops against the Turks in Hungary. On his return he rose in the ranks of the army of the Duchy of Brunswick-Lüneburg. In 1699 he became a Colonel in the German regiment in the service of Victor Amadeus II of Savoy, and was severely wounded in 1701. In 1702 he joined the Saxon Army and fought in the Great Northern War against Charles XII of Sweden and suffered defeats in the Battle of Klissow and the Battle of Fraustadt. In 1707 he returned to Western Europe and fought under Prince Eugene at the Battle of Oudenaarde and the Battle of Malplaquet in the wars of Spanish Succession.
The latter service brought him to the attention of Venice. He was recruited by Venice into the successful defence of Corfu during the 1716 Siege against the invading Ottoman Turks; he was decorated by the Serenissima for his outstanding success with a statue and a pension of 5000 ducats a year. A Vivaldi opera, Juditha triumphans, was commissioned in celebration of the victory.
In his retirement in Venice from 1718, Schulenburg proved a remarkable collector of art while residing in the Palazzo Loredan on the Grand Canal of Venice.

Governor Mitt Romney
renaissance wear
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palladio, vicenza januar 2004
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teatro olimpico, vicenza, italy.
architects andrea palladio and vincenzo scamozzi 1580-1584

apparently, the theatre was never a real success, a fact which has contributed to the survival of the original detailing. even the stage set by scamozzi is from the first performance, never dismantled.

they should have gone for a musical rather than oedipus rex as their first show. sophocles may have the weird sex, but there is simply not enough song and dance for a hit show.

more words, yada, yada, yada.

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