Good Medieval Clothes photographs

A few wonderful medieval clothing pictures I located:

Medieval Male With Sickle Sculpture
medieval clothes
Picture by Cross Duck
Stone carving on the Norman West Doorway of Leominster Priory. (Currently being in England, Leominster is pronounced Lemster.)
An instance of the 12th century Herefordshire School of Romanesque Sculpture, typically completed in reddish coloured stone. The School produced a odd mixture of pagan and Christian photos. There are actual and fantastical creatures, typically intertwined or mixed in some way, and men and women from all walks of existence. Faces are likely to have bug eyes. Men are often offered egg formed heads, and their clothing is normally striped.
This gentleman appears to be making an attempt to lower his way out of a tangle of plants.

Recuerdos y ropa
medieval clothes
Picture by Helpman 77
Desde postales a ropa medieval.
From postcards to medieval clothes.

Medieval German gown (Nuremberg)
medieval clothes
Image by eltpics

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