Now for the component of the demonstrate we like to contact “Mime: caught in an invisible box.”

Some cool renaissance wear pictures:

Now for the element of the present we like to call “Mime: caught in an invisible box.”
renaissance wear
Image by colorblindPICASO
A lot more of the stomach dancer present. Shot at the 2009 Four Winds Renaissance Faire near Whitehouse Texas.

#eleven – I Spy, with my little eye…..
renaissance wear
Picture by keishkakeishka
I spy, with my tiny eye…. a complete bunch of stuff from way back again in substantial university and shortly there following. Issues from before I moved to Texas (like CTA token and transfer). Points from shortly following I moved to Texas (like awesome buttons). Things from when I moved to Texas permanantly (like a entire lot of McDonald’s toys I snagged working there in high school). Things from way just before large faculty (leather piece from a bracelet worn as evidence of entrance payment payment for a renaisance fair). And following substantial faculty (like a Wal-Mart identify tag, from when my son was only three months old). Move above the notes to see facts.

All of this was packed up in a box for many years. Right up until I essential a kangaroo (which is there somewhere!). Oh, what a MARATHON down memory lane this was! (Can you say stretch?)

Horn man
renaissance wear
Image by pandaposse
Apparently again in the Renaissance numerous individuals wore horns on their head.

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