medieval crossword puzzle BLM55! URGENT! Due TOMORROW!?

Question by Templar Rock! (TeR!): medieval crossword puzzle BLM55! URGENT! Due TOMORROW!?
Okay I need to have support with my religion crossword. I need to have to fill in the x’s

eight. MxxxIxxxx
Clue: One who lives by begging

Clue: Center of learning that educated people in the faith

Clue: Monks who spread the Very good News to men and women in every single land

If you put any dumb answers just for the two points, I will report abuse and add you to my blocked checklist

Thanks for aiding me.
~Templar Rock!

P.S.-if this helps, the worksheet if from Loyola Press
Note: I employed all caps ”I” is an i not an reduced-situation L. I just manufactured it capatilize so you can see it better.
This is a religion worksheet

Best solution:

Response by Flavio D

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