Organizations with suggestions for boycotting Chinese goods?

Question by aural margin: Organizations with suggestions for boycotting Chinese goods?
I have been consciously avoiding “made in China” products for quite some time (not just since the recent events regarding Tibet) because my beliefs in regard to human rights are grossly incongruent with those of the Chinese government. To top it off, I just read about yet another thing they are doing during the present scramble to “clean up” (as if) to put on a nice show for expected Olympic visitors—rounding up everyone’s pet housecats for extermination in a medieval Black Plague–era frenzy. Crazy. (here’s the source, for those who would cry for proof of accusation:

Anyway, I’ve had it, and was hoping someone could give me links to people who have drawn up specific guidelines I can follow in my personal decision to avoid contributing financially to this government’s present system as much as possible, with Thanks in advance for those providing suggestions.
thanks for the posts—
the cat issue resonates not so much in the realm of animal rights (which I appreciate as well)—- but that of human ones.

I think the government wants people not to have the emotional sensitivity to, connections with, or respect for ANY living creatures that pet ownership fosters. They purged pet dogs in the same way a few years ago.

Please see my other questions about human rights in the region, if you like.

Whether or not my own private boycott would have effect on anyone besides myself I don’t know, but I at least want to not knowingly contribute.

Also, we didn’t have all those stores before; I don’t owe somebody support in keeping a job at one of those stores any more than I owe small business / made in USA / artisans and craftsmen.

most things at the dollar store or costco that are made in China are not purchases of quality or necessity anyway. Also one can buy quality on the second economy and the money stays here or even better.
(cont) it helps charity work, other jobs in those stores, recycling. with Ebay even people in rural locations can buy second hand.
High Strung—as far as my personal decisions go, my ETHICAL convictions regarding human rights trump any considerations of POLITICAL “alliance.” Barf.
Oh yeah, I don’t want to hear someone talking about “our” embargo or anything else “our” if they possess another nation’s passport and are using it skip about the globe, crashing on the couch in my country in between adventures. “Our” means citizen, or acting like one while waiting for citizenship (generous).

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Answer by Queen of the Universe
What is very concerning to me is the fact that patients have died from having been injected with Heparin that was made in China. I think we need to boycott all goods from China if the U.S. cannot guarantee that everything will be safe. First the lead in the paint on toys and now drugs imported from China.

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