Q&A: Why do Muslims location so tiny emphasis on liberty?

Question by Pastor Winthrop: Why do Muslims place so little emphasis on freedom?
In the West, especially America, “freedom” is the sacred
word that both left and right fight over to claim most
identifies with their political ideology.

I just don’t hear any talk of freedom amongst Muslims.

All I hear is talk of Jihad against the West, fighting
capitalism and imperialism, and so on.

If anything I hear talk of “western freedoms” being
“decadent” and which must be be purged from
Islamic nations.

Iran votes in legislative elections next week but a third of
the candidates have been disqualified…yet the regime
and its religious supporters believe that the election is
still “fair”. Those disqualified were charged with
“promoting freedom and other perverse activities”.

So do Muslims really even understand the basics of
what it means to be a free individual living in a free

Or does it simply not matter to them?

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Answer by Golden
I don’t think they get it.

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17 thoughts on “Q&A: Why do Muslims location so tiny emphasis on liberty?

  1. American and Canadian Muslims hold their freedoms dear. Freedom, after all, isn’t a religious concept. Where in Christianity or Judaism do you find talk of freedom? It is a concept of nations, not religions.

  2. You need to investigate your group there. You are talking about fanatical muslims. There are many muslims who believe in freedom and individual rights. There are fanatical christians who are just as bad as the fanatical muslims. It is the fanatical part that you should focus on.

  3. A big part of this is historical precedent. In countries such as you named there was no American Revolution or storming of the Bastille. It would be like if Louis XIV was still ruling France. Aside from the lack of historical uprising there’s also a lack of cultivation (please don’t construe this as ethnocentric!). There was no enlightenment in the Muslim world.. no Renaissance for sure. No industrial revolution. These events advanced Western culture to a great degree. Also their culture has different priorities, and they tend to favor more traditional values (listening to authority and your parents and being good so as to not anger the powerful wizard in the sky who’s watching you all of the time).
    Edit:I do agree with what someone else said:this is mostly a product of the union of countries and religion rather than religion itself. Also I would agree that radical christians are as dangerous as soon as I can download a recent video of a christian cutting off a civilian’s head on the Internet. Again this is societal. Western states have crazy people too, but we imprison them or kill them (See:Koresh), we don’t honor them.

  4. it manly becuase there god allah made up rules and crap and have like no freedom becuase if those rules. but america is free releigon and middle eats poeple think tht it shouldnt be like tht they are techancly free but they have to pray every day and do stuff like tht

  5. Unlike the (Christianized) West, in the Muslim world, having “inalienable rights” is NOT a consequence of having been created by ALLAH; so, they don’t believe in an absolute possession of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” which are the foundation of the concept of human rights as we in the West know it.

    To them, some human beings have to be coerced into following the dictates of ISLAM, and if they demure, they can be severely punished/killed. Freedom does not naturally emanate from such a viewpoint.


  6. They Dont have freedom.. they do what the quran tells them to do.. of course they is say the quran is peaceful.. it aint! they just think it is.. it contains lots of violence.. They just think there life is all for Allah and they would get heaven as a reward..

  7. Well, first of all i think you are speaking too generally. I don’t think all Muslims believe as you have stated. For instance; When the borders of two islamic nations were closed, many muslims felt this was an infraction of their freedom to travel where they wish to go. All cultures have developed differently and new ideas are difficult to establish. We can only keep trying. signed, A Christian

  8. Why don’t you go and preach freedom to the poor sods in Guantanamo. While you’re there why not extol the democratic virtues of an electoral system which in 2000 handed the US presidency to the candidate who got half a million votes fewer than his rival.

    Then go and ask the people in Iraq and Afghanistan what they think of freedom at the moment..

    All I hear is talk of war on terror.

    As for Iran, their great crime apparently is seeking to get hold of nuclear weaponry.
    Now just remind me which is the only country anywhere in the world to ever drop atom bombs on its enemy.

  9. They have no concept of freedom. There has never been a free Islamic state. There has never been a free state within the range of any current Islamic state, for that matter.

  10. This “Jihad from the west” that you talk about couldn’t be considered freedom from the west? Maybe, who knows. I am a western Muslim, an American born convert to Islam, so I am not taken seriously anyways.

    P.S. Hamas was elected democratically same as any election for free people in the west but they aren’t even recognized as a government by countries like my own free country, the USA. Pretty interesting when other countries won’t recognize a democratically elected government, doesn’t exactly help your west = freedom argument does it?

  11. Hey let me be clear first, what do u mean by freedom? freedom to throw ur parents out,freedom to cheat humans, freedom for ur sisters nd daughter to go nude nd have sex wth 15 guys.freedom to suck the blood of poors,freedom to do changes in bibke.freedom to put war on other countries,freedom to sell ur moms,daughters nd sis.freedom to make porn,freedom to take peace of mind.freedom to become slave of money.if thts what u call freedom.we are happy and thankful to god that we don’t wnt this freedom.

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