Searching for an aged creepy film about the bubonic plague?

Query by : Looking for an old creepy film about the bubonic plague?
I can not discover this motion picture and its driving me nuts! When I was in 7th grade our instructor demonstrated us a whacked documentary (mockumentary?) about the bubonic plague, in which “modern day” television information anchors would report on the problems in medieval europe. There were a bunch of crazy scenes that created no sense to us children, but definitely left a mark (multi-confronted zebra people singing tunes?) I’ve mentioned this film to my old classmates and they ALL remember it, but none of us is aware what its called or wherever to discover it!
i was in 7th grade in 1997, but even then the motion picture looked dated. Its not “The plague” by Albert Camus. It felt like more of an art-home documentary type film than a element film.

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I don’t forget it as well! I feel it was a Channel 1 manufacturing, I will not know if they at any time introduced it as a movie for sale to the general manifeste.

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