What are some sites to investigation whether or not the Black Plague is really the Bubonic Plague or not?

Issue by Westcott: What are some websites to analysis whether the Black Plague is in fact the Bubonic Plague or not?
I have to do a investigation paper on a distinct topic about a catastrophe, and my disaster is the Black Plague. I noticed some news about how the Black Plague of Medieval instances may not be the identical as the Bubonic Plague of present day moments (which is what is frequently believed I guess).

What are some .org, .edu., or .gov pages that consist of information about this? I can only discover a single – http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2002-04/ps-mbd041102.php,

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Solution by Don’t Do It.
The Black Loss of life, Scourge of Medieval Europe.


The Black Dying, Bubonic Plague in the course of the Elizabethan Period


Internet sites ON THE Middle AGES/MEDIEVAL Life




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