What else can one do to support Iran?

Question by Love: What else can one do to support Iran?
Outsiders want to help but the protesters say stay out. Iranians have called Obama’s statements “pitch perfect.”

Cartoon of the difficulties the fascists are having: “Expel all of the correspondents! But they are all correspondents!” http://www.boston.com/bostonglobe/editorial_opinion/outofline/2009/06/tehran_twitters.html

Former Prince Reza Pahlavi tells US National Press Club how outsiders can contribute to the people of Iran, he said: 1. They appreciate media’s generous attention to their plight. 2. Keep political leaders informed about the brutal violence of plain clothed thug who harm unarmed people. 3. Do not interfere. Attempts will give tyrants excuse. Don’t fall for cruel cynicism for political gain. He cries for the people and Neda.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zv5VMShOyk

Heart touching Author Melody Moezzi says: Politics doesn’t matter anymore. The government is murdering its people, even her relatives whom supported Amadinajab are upset. We are all in the opposition now. You cannot beat our grandmothers and expect us to support you. Iranians care about freedom and people not the government. Do not be afraid Neda. Give us her power. The people will win. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTk7oBodXmU

Independent Journalist Kouross Esmaeli says Senator “bomb bomb Iran” has no credibility with anyone in Iran, is ignorant of Iran’s history, and is just trying to score political points. Kouross Esmaeli talks about Iranian politics, “women’s right to participate,” “choice to wear veil,” and “cannot hold back women.”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMYmVHxg_Jo

Iran’s Former Crown Prince says regime is irreformable and keeps country in medieval times. He wants secular government.

Boycott Nokia & Siemens for providing Iran with censoring tech. The story is from the Wall Street Journal: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB124562668777335653.html

How Non-Iranians can help:
– Change your location and time zone on Twitter to Tehran, Iran (that’s GMT+3:30).
– Change your profile icon to green in some way.
– Set up a proxy and send a DM to @ProtesterHelp.
– DO NOT retweet posts verbatim from Iran. This puts the users at risk. The Iranian Minstry of the Interior is watching Twitter closely now. Don’t use names and reword the post.
– Submit e-mails to CNN, MSNBC, Fox and other news sources about the Iranian Revolution; demand more coverage.
– DO NOT DDOS (PageReload) Iranian government websites. It slows all Iranian traffic, doing more harm than good in this information war. Source: http://gr88.tumblr.com/post/124416676/how-non-iranians-can-help-twitter

Sign UN petition, marches, contact UN and White House requesting some type of intervention by the the UN to stop this horror.

What else can I do?

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Answer by Mazlan Zulkifli Bin Mohd Noor
Very simple. Not to interfere their internal crisis. Lets they solve it them self like US internal affair are un touch by anybody else.

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